Target Classes

STRAVA Specialty has a broad appetite across the contracting and environmental consulting spectrum.  If you don’t see your risk type excluded below, contact us to explore coverage options.

Prohibited Contracting Classes and Exposures

  • Oil and gas drilling/production exposures
  • Contractors/developers with greater than 25% tract home building/design exposure
  • Facility based operators for petrochemical refining, chemical manufacturing and nuclear exposures
  • Work and/or services on coal ash ponds and impoundments
  • Fixed based operations for any airport that involves fueling, refueling or de-icing

Prohibited Professional Liability Classes and Exposures

  • General contractors or construction management firms generating greater than 30% of their revenue via design-build project delivery method
  • Architectural, non-environmental engineering and geotechnical firms
  • Material testing firms
  • Piling, steel casing/infrastructure or site grading work for skyscraper construction
  • Foundation and/or retaining wall contracting and/or servicing
  • Fixed base operators for wastewater or water treatment facilities
  • Bridge design or engineering
  • Environmental consulting firms generating greater than 25% of their revenue via Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Any firm for which civil engineering makes up greater than 10% of total professional revenue

Product Summary

CPL Basic Information

  • Broad Insured language
  • Coverage available in all 50 US States and DC
  • Expert around the clock claims adjustment performed by North American Risk Services
  • 24-hour emergency response hotline backed by nationwide network of environmental consultants and engineers
  • Broad definition of Pollutant which includes silt, sediment and bacteria
  • Definition of Bodily Injury includes medical/environmental monitoring, mental anguish emotional distress and shock
  • Illicit abandonment built into form
  • Restoration Expense includes the use of Green Building Materials
  • Adverse Media Coverage included at a limit up to $250,000
  • Separate Legal Expense limit available
  • 90 Day automatic Extended Reporting Period
  • Pollution and Professional Loss include civil fines, penalties, and punitive and exemplary damages where allowable by law
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation where required by written contract
  • Blanket coverage for contracting operations performed by or on behalf of the named insured

CPL & CPPL Highlights

  • Limits up to $10M total policy aggregate
  • Premiums and retentions as low as $1,000
  • Contracting Operations Coverage on a claims made or occurrence trigger
  • Professional Coverage available on a claims made basis
  • Emergency Expense coverage available at a full policy limit with no duration limit
  • Practice policy terms up to two years
  • Project/OCIP/CCIP policy terms up to three years
  • Extended Reporting Period up to three years
  • Completed Operations period up to twenty years for project policies
  • Mold Matter coverage on a claims made or occurrence basis
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage available on a blanket basis subject to claims made or occurrence trigger
  • Your Location Coverage available on time element basis or full gradual premises coverage
  • Transportation Coverage on a blanket basis available on a claims made or occurrence trigger
  • Pollution Protective Loss Coverage available on a claims made or occurrence trigger
  • Professional Rectification Expense Coverage available up to $1M limit of liability
  • Professional Protective Loss Coverage available

Sample Coverage Forms

Form Number:  MS APP 0073 0002 04 24

CPL And CPPL New Business Application

Form Number:  MS APP 0073 0001 12 23

CPL and CPPL Renewal Application

STRAVA Specialty utilizes a comprehensive, best in class underwriting portal allowing our trading partners round the clock access to quote and bind pollution liability products. 

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Jennifer Staiber